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Setting Up the Monitor

Dell™ U2410 Flat Panel Monitor User's Guide

 Attaching the Stand

Connecting the Monitor

 Organizing Your Cables

 Attaching the Soundbar (optional)

Attaching the Stand

NOTE: The stand is detached when the monitor is shipped from the factory.


To attach the monitor stand:

  1. Remove the cover and place the monitor on it.
  2. Fit the two tabs on the upper part of the stand to the groove on the back of the monitor.
  3. Press the stand till it snaps into its place.

Connecting Your Monitor

WARNING: Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions.
  NOTE: USB uplink cable connection enables USB ports and card reader on the monitor to work.  

To connect your monitor to the computer perform the following steps/instructions:


Connecting the White DVI Cable and USB uplink cable

NOTE: Your monitor supports two DVI ports. You can either choose DVI-D 1 or DVI-D 2 via input source on the OSD menu using Input source select.

Connecting the Blue VGA Cable and USB uplink cable


Connecting the Black DisplayPort Cable and USB uplink cable

NOTE: The graphics are used for the purpose of illustration only. Appearance of the the computer may vary.

After you have completed connecting the DVI/VGA/DisplayPort cable, follow the procedure below to complete setting up your monitor:

Organizing Your Cables



After attaching all necessary cables to your monitor and computer, (See Connecting Your Monitor for cable attachment,) use the cable management slot to neatly organize all cables as shown above.

Attaching the Soundbar(Optional)

1 Working from the rear of the monitor, attach Soundbar by aligning the two slots with the two tabs along the bottom rear of the monitor.
2 Slide the Soundbar to the left until it snaps into place.
3 Connect the Soundbar with the DC power connector.
4 Insert the mini stereo plug from the rear of the Soundbar into the computer's audio output jack.
CAUTION: Do not use with any device other than Dell Soundbar
NOTE: Monitor DC power connector +12 V DC output is for Dell Soundbar, that does not have built-in AC adapter, eg Dell AX510.

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